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Cindy Morley | Eventful Moments by Cindy Morley

Get to Know Cindy

Cindy has been in this industry since high school, when she was on the social committees for both junior and senior proms. While attending college, she decided to go into the food and beverage industry. There she had many opportunities to learn what goes on behind the scenes during the food portion of an events.

After many years, Cindy worked her way up to a Country Club Food/Beverage and Catering Manager—where special events were a daily occurrence that required her to plan, create and execute the event— allowing her to gain more experience and start building relationships with the vendors in the community.

With 39+ years in this industry, Cindy reflects on how blessed she is to be able to follow her passion and be a part of creating endless memories that will last a lifetime for her clients.


You've been there dreaming of your wedding day—finding that special someone, having that beautiful wedding ceremony, and ending with you riding off into the sunset in a stretch limousine to start living your happily ever after.

Now that you are all grown up and have found that special someone, you are ready to create those moments and make your dreams come to life. But you are unsure how to make it all happen—where to have the wedding ceremony, how much it is going to cost, and who's going to take care of it all.

Look no further than Eventful Moments with Cindy Morley. Allow Cindy to take the stress off of you about when the vendors are set to arrive, who is dropping off what at the right times, when the food is to be served, who is putting the chair covers/ties on and taking them off, and keeping all the vendors contracts intact with their contracted timelines.


Cindy's calendar usually consists of 12 to 20 weddings per year—this way she is able to focus on each and every Eventful Moment and give each event its one on one attention to detail.

Cindy Morley is one of the few that are licensed with the state of Florida and insured with Hartford Insurance Agency and is a state of Florida Notary.

It would be a great honor to be part of your special celebration and able to assist you and yours in the planning process of creating the wedding/event of your dreams.


If you are interested in having a consultation to discuss your vision, budget and ideas—it would be my pleasure to meet with all those that are involved in the planning process for two hours at your earliest convenience.

References are available upon request.

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